Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shape Poem.

Cricket is a sport which involves a bat.
Most of the players are not very fat.
when the bowler takes his run up.
His family will be wishing him luck.
When his bowls over his mate will say "whats up?"
I will reply I suck.

Haiku Sport Poem

On the field was he.
His number is 23.
His name is brian strauchanie.

Letter Sport poem

Dear Uncle.
I appreciate the soccer ball you got me.
I played with it with glee.
It only fell in half when it hit my calf and now its history.
But the football was good.
until it hit a peice of wood.
Then it punctured quickly.
But dont feel bad I was only tremendously sad.
When I had to throw them both away, In a large paper bag.

Limerick Sport poem

One day a basket-baller turned fat.
He was just as fat as his cat.
He used to be lean.
and just a tiny bit mean.
But now he's too lazy to give his cat a very long pat.

Short and Fun sport poem

My team-mate said "pass me the ball,
you are being a hog."
"I am struggling to get past the defence" i said.
They are solid like a log

Dylan Thomas Portrait sport poem

Have you ever played football?
boots kicking, crowds cheering and players wrestling.

Cinquain Sport Poem

victoriously winning gold medals.